6 Great RV Outdoor Speakers

rv outdoor speakers

There are a lot of high quality options for your RV outdoor speakers. Keeping your speakers safe from the elements is key to protecting your investment. RV speakers, similar to marine speakers, are water resistant.

To qualify as an RV speaker it needs to go a step beyond marine speakers by also being very shallow. The walls of your RV are not as thick as you think. A large magnet hanging off the back of your speaker will not look good poking through your wall. Your interior speakers can be a little thicker being mounted in the ceiling.

Best High End RV Outdoor Speakers

  1. Polk Audio Indoor/Outdoor RV SpeakersCheck Price on Amazon – The Polk Audio speakers have some of the best sound quality in the industry. The problem is their speakers are not made for direct sunlight and freezing conditions. Not that any speaker is, but these really aren’t. They are only for rigs that are chasing 70 degrees.
  2. Kicker 2-Way Water ResistantCheck Price on Crutchfield – Kicker has a strong reputation for quality in the subwoofer world. Its no surprise to see the outstanding reviews on their outdoor water resistant speakers. You pay for the quality you get, but with that price is an outstanding warranty from a company with a strong reputation in the speaker industry.
  3. Fusion Shallow Mount Water ResistantCheck Price on Crutchfield – A little less popular, and only making the high end list because of price, the Fusion Shallow Mount Speakers are a solid addition to your RV. But, lets be honest… It’s not hard to beat the speaker system that comes from the factory.

Best Value RV Speakers

Value speakers are going to be about like factory speakers from a sound quality perspective. Maybe only slightly better because they even the lowest end retail speaker is a step above most factory units. They will hopefully last longer, but the longevity of your outdoor RV speakers depends on how you store your rig. If you want to make them last, make sure you have a quality RV cover.

rv outdoor speakers
  1. Jensen Black Waterproof SpeakersCheck Price on Amazon – These speakers will be pretty comparable to the factory speakers that came with your rig. The sound will be solid, but eventually quality will fade. The speakers are cheap enough that replacing them every few years is not very costly.
  2. BOSS Marine SpeakersCheck Price on Amazon – The BOSS Marine Speakers are cheap, and not very attractive. However, they put out decent sound and will last at least a few seasons in the camper. You won’t win any sound competitions, but if you’re on a budget these are the perfect speakers for your rig.
  3. Pyle Outdoor Audio Speakers with LEDCheck Price on Amazon – The Pyle speakers come in third on our value list, but only because they are most expensive of these options. From a sound quality standpoint, the Pyle speakers likely outrank the Jensen and BOSS counterparts.

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2 thoughts on “6 Great RV Outdoor Speakers”

  1. Jensen was exactly what I expected. I bought for the outside of our fifth wheel camper as this was the exact model that was in there before. Alas, they looked the exact same but newer so it was a super easy replacement.

    1. From my days as a young car audio enthusiast I have my favorite brands. Jensen was never one of them until I got a little older and could appreciate the price of the equipment a bit more.

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