Exploring and Finding Your Happy

We have always loved adventure and RV travel because we are happiest when we are exploring new places. Gaining new experiences is great, too! Our motto is get up, get out, and start exploring. We would love for you to follow along in our adventures and hope you find something that brings happiness into your world.

Who are we? Ryan, Christy, three boys (Matthew, Peyton and Preston) and two Siberian Huskies (Beta and Chloe). Our crew makes for a lot of laughter.

While we have always traveled as much as possible, we discovered that we can see many new places by traveling the U.S. in an RV. Our toy hauler has allowed us to enjoy riding ATV’s through the Colorado mountains. We were also able to take a longer trip through four states and are currently planning more long trips.

Christy is a planner so the Excel spreadsheets and detailed notes come out for every trip. Our goal is to share our experiences, tips, tricks and travel plans to help plan your adventures. Check out our YouTube channel for more details on activities we have enjoyed. We hope our adventures and travel inspire places or trips that you may also want to experience.

If you are simply interested in the RV travel lifestyle, visit our RV Rental page to plan your Colorado vacation. RV Rental is a great way to dip your toes in the lifestyle, because you should “try before you buy” when it comes to RVs.

Now get up, get out and start exploring!

get up get out and start exploring